Leader of the Witches, intense, powerful.


Female, 30s, thin lips, pointed chin, glowing red eyes.
Nude, wears a red sash, has a halo of the mark, and has a wand strapped to her leg.


She completed a ritual which gave her vast power. The extent of this power is currently unknown, but so far, she has:

Created a wall of fire spanning from shore to shore in England to keep a supernatural ice from advancing.

Turned the priory into a floating castle adorned with crystals.

Pulled people from the ground up to the priory.

Created a garden that grows golden turnips.

Provisioned followers with super powers.

“We’re destined for work as midwives, wet nurses, and prostitutes – often in that very sequence – and no other choice is offered to us. Thanks to the Price Revolution and New World bullion, refugees seek alms, and receive scorn. All this will end. We shall crush temples, topple citadels, and begin the work of humanity anew.”


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