Legacy of the Iron Mongoose

The story so far...
(Everything Since the Last TPK)

The Burning Witch of Salisbury

The party started their adventure with revelry at an inn, when one of their companions suddenly combusted. She panicked, running about the area vainly trying to put herself out. Balking at her madness and the ire of the guard, the party denied ever knowing her and fled into the nearby wilderness. Southampton burned to the ground that day, and authorities are still on the lookout for the legendary “Burning Witch of Southampton.”

The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children

Meeting up with their friend, James Blake, the party passed on the item they had retrieved for him. James introduced them to some new trusted adventurers to join their ranks, as well as provided one of them with something he had procured – a strange pistol that shot beams of light instead of bullets. He said he was close to locating the Star Crystal they had asked about, and they also asked him to look into the whereabouts of a carriage called, “Poseidon’s Bounty.”

Something was off in the village of Salisbury. Multiple women claimed that their son, Andrew, went missing a couple weeks ago, while the men have no recollection of ever having such a child. All the women claimed this, and all their sons looked the same, and they all went missing at the same time. There has been no evidence to support their madness until a shepherd’s boy spotted someone wandering in the field who matched the description of “Andrew.”

The party investigated, many Andrews did not survive, while many more were reunited with their mothers. The mob incited by the party destroyed the great crystal, while Wiki Dot Pod was killed, the terrors of his cave dismantled, and its riches plundered. There was a brief reign of the Crystal King until he was crushed under the weight of his own arrogance and power. The party made a pact with a being of immense power – they traded the existence of one of their own members for perfect knowledge of the Doom-Cave and claimed it as their home base.

Perhaps the biggest prize of all, the party gained the San Felipe, a ship in a bottle and the knowledge on how to use it.

No Salvation For Witches

Hearing rumors of witches passing through, the party headed west, to Forsgreave. There they found the town deserted, but for the tortured dead and terrifying cats. They discovered that the priory was protected by a sphere, and a witness saw smaller spheres spread out from the area. Investigating one of the spheres brought them to Edington, where a “witch” was being tortured. The party made a pact with Kyrkewoode, a witchhunter, to bring a mob to the priory as soon as the force field was brought down.

Managing to drop the field, the party entered the priory and found the witches not only powerful, but possession the noble goals of equality and freedom for all people. The ritual they were conduction would give them the power to change the world and topple the hold the rich and powerful have over all people.

The party decided to protect the priory and aided in defending it from the witch hunter and his mob. Shortly after, hell broke loose in the priory, as companions turned into horrific monsters, threatening to ruin the ritual and bring disaster. As a reward for their bravery and loyalty, the party become ambassadors to the new “Ministry of Emancipation.” Sigils were etched into their foreheads, and each member gained a power. Their task is to spread equality, empathy and exploration of the dark parts of the world.

Unfortunately, while exploring these dark parts, one of the party dropped a freezing orb into a pond, which began to freeze the entire area. It seemed unstoppable, and began to spread outward. London would be frozen within weeks. The party warned the priory, and then headed quickly to meet up with their friend, James Blake.

The Magnificent Joop van Ooms

James recommended they seek out “The Ooms,” a powerful man in Amsterdam who might be willing to help. The party booked passage out of London and met with this man, who seemed quite interested in their dealings with the witches, their goals of equality, empathy and exploration, and indeed didn’t want the world to end by a deep freeze. However, he wanted the party to help him first. He sent them back in time to complete a mission for him.

Death Love Doom

Finding themselves back in London before their three day voyage to Amsterdam, the party went to the Foxglove estate in search of a magical necklace. They found that something bad had happened here. Not only were many people dead, but others had been horribly transformed, mutilated and driven to kill. They were able to rescue the wife/mother of the house, Myrna, but all others were too far gone to be saved. They did manage to kill grandma and recover the necklace. After helping Myrna sell her good on the black market and create a new identity, they found themselves transported back to the present in Amsterdam, where Ooms would now help them save the world.

Sailing on a charted ship, with Ooms helicopter on board, the party bore witness to a terrible sight – a great wall of fire spreading across England, keeping the ice at bay. Floating above it was the priory, now studded with giant pink crystals. One of the PCs flew the helicopter up to the priory and convinced the witches to bring up all the party members. Now with a great view of the landscape, The Ooms painted away the ice and fire (and all the cities that had been there), and in its place a giant, forested dick.

Thulian Echoes

Unleashing the San Felipe from its bottle, repairing it, and hiring the best crew they could find, the party sailed for the island of Thule, as detailed in a journal they found in the ship’s cabin. Unfortunately, much of the treasure detailed in the journal had already been stolen by another group of adventurers, however, the party still had some ideas on how to get even more out of the strange tower. They destroyed the machine and got rid of the poisonous gas, and were able to find thousands of silver worth of wire. However, a quick investigation into an upper level revealed the mist horror that killed the last party was now on their level. It took three more lives before the remaining members fled. Through careful stealth, they were able to reclaim some of the treasure and leave this island forever.


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