James Blake

Friend, helps find jobs and makes connections.


Male, 60s, Retired Adventurer
Veteran of the Persian-Portuguese War.
Loves sweets, especially Turkish Delights.


James Blake was a longtime adventurer, he met his wife on the road, and after many years of delving and exploring together, they decided that it was time to settle down – creeping around dark dungeons was no way to raise a young girl.

Unfortunately, Grace died a few years ago. James suspects a curse from long ago had finally taken its toll on her, and now he’s left alone to raise their 11-year old daughter, Rebecca.

It’s hard to let the life go, however, and James makes his living by maintaining connections with other adventurers, helping form parties, find items, pursue rumors, and make trades.


Recently, James has confirmed that the last known whereabouts of the Star Crystal is in the Death Frost Mountains. The legend is that an adventurer that was able to travel throughout time and dimensions used the Star Crystal to power such travels. He found it on beast-filled world of darkness in the far future, and used it to travel back to our time. However, he was betrayed by a burglar in his party, who was last seen in Dunnsmouth, bragging about how he was going to “take all that the Deathfrost Mountains have to offer.” He was never seen again.

He is investigating the location of a carriage called, “Poseidon’s Bounty.”


You’re not sure where James is now, but he said that he has family in Ashmanhaugh, or that you can leave a note for him at the Dog & Bastard in Norwich.

James Blake

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